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Ten of the Best Summer Jazz Festivals In France

Ten of the Best Summer Jazz Festivals In France

France has a long history of jazz which began after the First World War in 1917 when black musicians or U.S. soldiers were stationed in France. Since then many iconic jazz musicians have come to France and conquered millions of heart with their soulful and melodious play. Not to mention, from that France has been hosting several jazz music festivals across its cities including in Paris, French Rivera, and many others. So, in this article, we have come up with the 10 best summer jazz festivals in France. Let’s move forward to know more about them.

Festival Jazz & Musique Improvisée

Ten of the Best Summer Jazz Festivals In FranceThe festival on our list is the Festival Jazz & Musique Improvisée – Franche-Comté, which is hosted in the eastern France. The main focus of this music fest is improvisation where virtuoso musicians such as the Rasul Siddik or Nguyen Duyen Thin have participated. Most of the concerts are held in the regional capital of Besançon where you will see The Théâtre Musical and CinémaKursaal. The music festival starts from 12th June and ends on 27th June in every year.

Django Reinhardt Festival

Ten of the Best Summer Jazz Festivals In FranceEvery year in central Paris, various jazz festivals are hosted, but the most notable one is Django Reinhardt Festival. This event is held on an island in the midst of the Seine at Samois, which is beside the Fontainebleau forest (located 60 kilometer southeast of the capital). Each year, the festival is held from 25-28 June.

Vienne Jazz Festival

Ten of the Best Summer Jazz Festivals In FranceVienne Jazz Festival delivers a wide range of music genres and offers fusions of jazz musicians with other notable singers like the YoussouN’Dour, Randy Crawford, and France’s rapper-extraordinaire, MC Solaar. The concerts are held at the Roman Theatre where upcoming musicians can sign-up for workshops at the Vienne’s Académie du Jazz. The jazz festival starts on 27th June and ends on 10th July.


Ten of the Best Summer Jazz Festivals In FranceThe fourth jazz festival on our list is the Chartrestivales which is a one-week long jazz fest. The concerts take place in the covered market, near the gothic Notre-Dame cathedral. For this reason, even if there is rain, the concerts won’t stop. The Chartrestivales begins from 29th June and ends on 4th July.

Jazz à Luz

Ten of the Best Summer Jazz Festivals In FranceJazz à Luz jazz festival is a unique event which is hosted in the village of Pyrenees national park. The national park is 30 kilometer south of Lourdes and every year, the music fest hosts some of the best musicians including from rap, jazz, beatbox, etc. The event starts from 10th July and ends on 13th July.

Jazz in Marciac

Ten of the Best Summer Jazz Festivals In FranceJazz in Marciac is a small yet the most famous jazz music fest where thousands of jazz lovers gather every year. The festival started as a local event 30 years ago but it became a huge hit among the locals and international tourists. The village in which the event is held is in between the Pau and Auch. The timeframe for the event is from 31 July to 16 August.

Jazz à Juan

Ten of the Best Summer Jazz Festivals In FranceJazz à Juan is hosted in the French Rivera where French jazz music got it a turnaround. The festival is associated with many of the iconic jazz musicians including Juan-les-Pins and Sidney Bechet. During this year’s festival, Sidney Bechet Memory All-Stars along with the Bob Wilber songs were featured. The concert stage is held up in a pine-scented beach-side park. The timeline for this festival is from 11 July to 19 July.

Megève Jazz Contest

Ten of the Best Summer Jazz Festivals In FranceEach year, jazz lovers from around the world flock together in the Megève Resort. This alpine resort hosts the annual Megève Jazz Contest where various jazz musicians participate. All concerts and the contest is hosted on outdoor venues. In truth, this event is a remarkable music fest, which starts from 12 July and ends on 14 July.

Souillacen Jazz

Ten of the Best Summer Jazz Festivals In FranceSouillacen Jazz is a multifaceted jazz festival, which is hosted in the Grottes de Lacave (southwest region of France and close to the Rocamadour). After that, the event would take place in the town of Dordogne. Additionally, the jazz event is famous for hosting talented jazz artists such as the MédéricCollignon and Sylvain Luc. All in all, this event is full of entertainment for music lovers and party-goers. It starts from 21 July and ends on 26 July.

Festival de Jazz en Touraine

Ten of the Best Summer Jazz Festivals In FranceThe final jazz festival on our list is the Festival de Jazz en Touraine, which is hosted just east of the Tours. The event delivers a mellow mix of jazz music and wine. World-renowned stars like Selmer 607 perform on the stages of this event. Not to mention, you will have the option of eating gourmet dishes in abundance. The jazz festival starts from 10 September and ends on 20 September.

Bottom Line

The bottom Line is all the above jazz festivals draw millions of tourists who come and enjoy the music and the summer weather of France. So, if you have any more jazz festival on your mind, please share with us by commenting below!