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Reykjavik Jazz Festival

Reykjavik Jazz Festival

Jazz music is one of the coolest music genres of all time with millions of music aficionados love it wholeheartedly. With that being said, Reykjavik jazz festival is one particular music fest that draws around thousands of people from around the world. With various music artists from across the globe, this music fest is held in Old Town of Reykjavik.

If you combine the Iceland’s immaculate nature and hot nightlife with soulful jazz music, Reykjavik jazz festival would surely make your life inspiring and dynamic. Not to mention the opportunity of experiencing the mysterious Blue Lagoon or the beautiful black sandy beaches will definitely soothe your inner thirst for nature and beauty.

So, in this article, we are going to take to the most recent Reykjavik jazz festival, which took place in August 2017. Put your sleeves up and let’s find out how the music fest unfolded its magnificence among the jazz lovers.

When was the Reykjavik jazz festival held?

The Reykjavik jazz festival was held from 9th to 13th August 2017.

Reykjavik Jazz FestivalWhat’s the specialty of Reykjavik jazz festival?

This jazz festival is a prestigious and international jazz event, hosting various music and fine arts performances from world-class artists. From contemporary jazz to Latin jazz, avant-garde, gospel and big bands, the jazz festival features many renowned music genres. Additionally, Iceland’s local and internationally acclaimed jazz musicians have performed on this music fest. Not to mention, the entire jazz festival is hosted in the small coastal town, which is against the backdrop of magnificent mountains, making it an enticing event for thousands of music-goers.

Which artists performed in Reykjavik jazz festival?

As we have pointed out that many world-leading and local jazz musicians have performed in this music fest, artists such as Fred Hersch Trio, Ole Morten Vågan, Vincent Peirani & Emile Parisien Sigurður Flosason & Lars Jansson, Emile Parisien, Kvartett Ólafs Jónssonar, Agnar Már Magnússon tríó, and Volcano Bjorn.

Who organized the Reykjavik jazz festival?

Reykjavik jazz festival was organized by the FIH Jazz Department, which was assisted by FIH cultural fund, the State Fund for Music, and the City Of Reykjavik.

What were the other attractions of Reykjavik jazz festival?

Reykjavik Jazz FestivalAside from jazz music, there were plenty of attractions, which entertained the people. Iceland is renowned for its natural beauties with different awe-inspiring places. Besides, the gourmet foods such as the organic lamb and seafood draw many admirers from around the world. So, people who went to the festival were able to enjoy these things as well. Not to mention the geothermal waters of the mysterious blue lagoon and legendary surfing spots would have made many people nostalgic.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is Reykjavik jazz festival is all about representing the best Icelandic music with a unique culture. In fact, this festival is one of the best ways to impost Iceland as a magnificent country with tradition, culture, and history. So, stay tuned for next year’s jazz festival and share your thoughts about the Reykjavik jazz festival with your comments.

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