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Top 10 Most Famous French Jazz Singers of All Time

Top 10 Most Famous French Jazz Singers of All Time

If you are looking for the best and the most famous French jazz singers of all time, then you have come to the right place. From generations to generations, France has always produced some of the legendary artists, music composers, and jazz singers. So, in this article, we have compiled the list of the top 10 most famous French jazz singers of all time. Let’s scroll down to keep reading and know which jazz singers were included on our list.

Fred Adison

Top 10 Most Famous French Jazz Singers of All TimeFred Adison or Albert Lapeyrère was a renowned French jazz and light musician. He was also a drummer and bandleader who fell in love with jazz music at an early age. He created his first band with his friends, which was based in 1931. They also shot films for Charlie Chaplin. Fred joined Cirque Pinder in 1925 and conduct the circus orchestra until 1962. His notable works include Luis Mariano and Gloria Lasso. He also recorded various albums as well.

Aimé Barelli

Top 10 Most Famous French Jazz Singers of All TimeAimé Barelli was a famous jazz musician who had worked with some legendary musicians such as Fred Adison, Raymond Legrand, Maceo Jefferson, Raymond Wraskoff, and Hubert Rostaing. Apart from being a jazz musician, Aimé Barelli was a trumpeter and a vocalist who led his own band from 1943. He and his band performed with Dizzy Gillespie in 1948. He also worked with Charlie Parker and Sidney Bechet in the late 1940s as well.

Serge Gainsbourg

Top 10 Most Famous French Jazz Singers of All TimeSerge Gainsbourg, an iconic figure in the French music industry. He was a multitalented person who was known as a jazz musician, film composer, poet, painter, writer, actor, and director. He was a widely popular musician who delivered challenging yet melodious music. He had likings for different genres of music including jazz, world, mambo, pop, rock and roll, reggae, disco, progressive rock, new wave, chanson, and funk. Over a long and illustrious career, he had written more than 550 songs.

Jocelyne Jocya

Top 10 Most Famous French Jazz Singers of All TimeJocelyne Jocya was French jazz singer who sold millions of records from 1958 to 1980. She was also a songwriter who had performed in some of the legendary music halls. Jocelyne Jocya founded the Federation for the Declaration of the Rights of Children in 1988. Her most notable work was the rendition of ‘Bon Voyage.’

Josette Daydé

Top 10 Most Famous French Jazz Singers of All TimeJosette Daydé was a versatile person who was a jazz singer, actress, and chansonnière. She first appeared as a singer on the operettas ‘Au soleil de Marseille.’ Her most popular recording was the ‘Le Rythme Américain’ (The American Rhythm), which was recorded in 1945.

Anne Ducros

Top 10 Most Famous French Jazz Singers of All TimeAnne Ducros is a French jazz singer who studied classical music from an early age. In 1986, she created her own jazz band and started touring from 1990. She worked with famous musicians including Kenny Barron, Jacky Terrasson, and Chick Corea. Anne Ducros started teaching vocal jazz from 1992 in Paris. She also worked as a mentor in various workshops and music classes around the world. Additionally, she was a vocal coach for the TV program Star Academy in 2008.

Liane Foly

Top 10 Most Famous French Jazz Singers of All TimeLiane Foly is a world famous French jazz singer who happens to be an actress, impressionist, and presenter. In 1987, she arrived in Paris and Fabrice Nataf (artistic director and patron of Virgin France) launched her music career. Next year, she released her first-ever album, The Man I Love, which made it to the top 50 album of the year.

François Guin

Top 10 Most Famous French Jazz Singers of All TimeFrançois Guin is a musical specialist who excelled in violin, trombone, trumpet, and flute. However, he was known as a jazz musician and bandleader. He had worked with iconic musicians including Marc Laferrière, Christian Chevallier, Daniel Janin, Jacques Hélian, Duke Ellington, Michel Legrand, and Gerry Mulligan. He also played with Claude Bolling and Bill Coleman. He started his own band – Four Bones in 1967. Since then, he had tasted musical success until the 1990s.

Elisabeth Kontomanou

Top 10 Most Famous French Jazz Singers of All TimeElisabeth Kontomanou is a French jazz singer and composer who has delivered famous albums. She has lived in America and Sweden where she covers jazz songs in English. In 1986, she created her own jazz quartet – ‘Conversion.’ It won the La Défense Jazz Festival competition. She released the album – Brewin ‘the Blues in 2008. The fans and critics praised her work. She also appeared in 2013’s Tan Jazz Festival. She won the Vocal Jazz Award’ in 2006.

Alain Mion

Top 10 Most Famous French Jazz Singers of All TimeAlain Mion is a French jazz singer, composer, and a pianist. He was influenced by the work of Bobby Timmons, Les McCann, and Ray Charles. He was famous for his versatility as he could able to mix different styles of jazz and soul jazz. In 1974, he created the iconic jazz-funk group Cortex. In 1982, he started working under his own name and released several albums including the ‘Troupeau Bleu’ and ‘Volume 2’ (with Cortex) and ‘Pheno-Men’ under his own name.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is France has always produced many legendary jazz singers and our list just includes the very best singers of all time. So, if you think we have missed any notable jazz singers, comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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